Beginning The Amigurumi Pattern

The crocheting of amigurumi starts with a crocheted ring, or round. A simple doll can be made with only the head and body. Make sure to create the head comparatively larger than the body.

The ring must be small to keep the filling inside as well as to make an aesthetically pleasing doll.

It is easiest to make an adjustable, or amigurumi double ring to begin the pattern. This will help you tighten the loop after the first round of single crochet stitches and prevent the doll having a hole on its head. If you are not comfortable with those methods, then you still can make a small length of crochet and slip stitch to the beginning to make it round.

Once the beginning round is made, begin single crocheting on the ring, following the pattern.

Begin filling the amigurumi once you are at half way to the head/ body. Overfill the parts

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