Assembling Amigurumi

1. Read the entire pattern first. This is very important.
2. Get your materials ready, supplies you will need for the project, ie, yarn, embellishments, etc.
3. Once you are ready, you start.
4. Crochet the head. Insert eyes, nose (if using safety nose). Stuff the head.
5. Embroider nose, mouth whiskers, etc, if pattern calls for those steps.
6. Crochet the ears - now attach the ears. The head is done - set aside.
7. Crochet the bow (Hello Kitty) - now attach the bow.
8. Crochet the body - now stuff the body. Attach head to body.
9. Crochet the arms - stuff (if pattern calls for stuffing the arms) and attach to body.
10. Crochet the legs - stuff (if pattern calls for stuffing the legs) and attach to body.
11. Add finishing touches, embellishments and you are done!

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